In accordance with DIN 2394, TS EN 10219-2 – TS EN 10305-3 norms, it is manufactured with high frequency source ( ERW ) from DC01 (DIN EN 10130), S185, S235JRH/J0H/J2H quality steel bands as standard.

Quter Diameter: Ø10 mm – 76 mm

Wall Thickness: 0.40 mm – 3.0 mm

Length: The standard length is 6 meters and it can be delivered in lengths between 4 and 12 meters, according to the pipe diameter, on special orders.

Automotive and automotive sub-industry, White Goods, Bicycle, Furniture, Steel Goods, Textile, Electrical Household Appliances, Other sectors

DIN 2394, TS EN 10219-2 – TS EN 10305-3”

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